Wiki3D Tutorial

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The 4 base objects

  { box w=50 h=100 l=200 trn(-150,0,0) color(255,0,0) }
  { cylinder r=50 h=100 trn(-50,0,0) color(0,255,0) }
  { cone r=50 h=100 trn(50,0,0) color(0,0,255) }
  { sphere r=100 f=0.5 trn(150,0,0) color(0,128,128) }

Object Primitives

Object's coordinates origins in the middle of its bounding box. Heigth is for the y axis, width for the x axis and length for the z axis.

  • box w=width , h=heigth, l=length
  • cylinder r=radius, h=heigth
  • cone r=bottom radius, h=heigth
  • sphere r=radius, optional - default=1 f=equator radius factor

Translations and Rotations

Rotations are expressed in degrees.

  • Translation trn(x,y,z)
  • Rotation rot(x,y,z)
  • Object origin Translation trn0(x,y,z)


Colors are described with 3 RGB values in the [0..255] interval.

  • color(r,g,b)

Wiki3D Motion

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